Below you will find lesson plans you can use with your students!

June 11

A great way to practice reading, writing, and speaking!

Read, Write, Discuss!

June 5

Two great plans to practice prepositions!

Preposition Practice!

More Preposition Practice!

June 1

Another great TED Talk to practice listening comprehension!

TED Talk- Shah Rukh Khan

May 25

Two activities that practice listening comprehension using pop songs!



May 4

A simple reading book for beginner students!

simple book 1

May 1

More short vowel practice for beginner students!

Short Vowel Practice III

April 26

This lesson is for early beginner students who need practice with reading and writing simple words.

short vowels 2

April 13

This lesson is for early beginner students who are learning vowel sounds.

short vowel sounds

April 10

This lesson is great for students who want to improve their listening skills.

TED Talk Lesson!