New Year's Resolution? Future Tense Practice!

New Year's Resolutions are a great way to think about the future and reflect on the past. Not sure what they are? Check out my last post on New Year's Resolutions. The Future Tense Making resolutions is a great way to think about your life and goals. However, it's also a great way to … Continue reading New Year's Resolution? Future Tense Practice!

TED Talk Tuesdays!

These TED videos from the series Small Thing Big Idea are great for listening practice. They are also great practice for the TOEFL listening test. Teachers: Students should watch these videos without stopping and then check for comprehension using the following questions. Learners: Post your answers to the questions below! Questions How often do you wear … Continue reading TED Talk Tuesdays!

New Decade, New Words!

Welcome to a new decade! The 2010's are done. Now that we have entered a new decade, let's look back at some of the vocabulary and slang that was popular in the 2010's and continues to be popular today. Check out this fantastic list of great words! After looking through the words and definitions … Continue reading New Decade, New Words!