Another great TED Talk lesson with a warm-up, comprehension questions, vocabulary words, and discussion questions!

Post your answers below!



  1. Have you ever googled yourself?

STOP at 2 minutes

  1. Would you ever consider getting a tattoo?
  2. Do you think our online activity is like a permanent tattoo?

STOP at 4 minutes

  1. Have you heard of any of these new technologies? Do they scare you?
  2. Have you heard of this quote by Andy Warhol before? Do you agree with it? Do you agree with the speaker that the opposite is now true?
  3. What does immortality mean? Do our online tattoos make us immortal?
  4. Have you heard of the myth of Sysiphus before? How does it this myth relate to the topic?


  1. Have you  heard of the myth of Orpheus? How does it relate to the topic?
  2. Who is Atalanta?
  3. Who is Narcissus?
  4. And why does the speaker talk about the last man?


  1. threaten
  2. figure out
  3. distracted
  4. turn out


  1. How large is your electronic tattoo?
  2. Do want to be famous online?
  3. Is it possible to be anonymous on the internet?
  4. What kind of data do you try to keep private?

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