It’s Tuesday! Here’s another great lesson using a TED Talk!


Have your students brainstorm the word 3D Printing. They can write anything that comes to mind!


Write the vocabulary words on the board-some may be in the video and others may not. Students should keep these words in mind when listening.

  1. garment
  2. catwalk
  3. runway
  4. eye for fashion
  5. sense of style
  6. fashion victim


Have students define the words/phrases using their phones or personal knowledge. Check for understanding! Students should try to use these new words in their answers to the questions below.

Have students discuss these questions in small groups and then come together as a large group to discuss answers.

  1. What was the initial problem with 3D printed clothing?
  2. What is filament? Why did the speaker use different filament?
  3. What did you think of the printed clothing? Would you wear it?
  4. What are the advantages of 3D printed clothing?
  5. Do you think one day we will download our clothes and print them at home?
  6. Do the clothes look comfortable?

Finally, students should write sentences alone using the new words.

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