Commercials can be annoying but also a great opportunity to practice English! Commercials provide great discussion, vocabulary words, and a slice of pop culture! Below is a advertisement for the latest Samsung Phone. Have your students watch the video and check out the questions and lesson below!



Have a short question and answer session with either the whole class, or break up the class into smaller groups.

  1. Do you like watching commercials? Why of why not?
  2. What makes a good commercial and what makes a bad commercial?

During Lesson

Have students watch the commercial. Then, break students into smaller groups to answer the following questions.

  1. Is this a phone you would want?
  2. What are some of the new features this new phone has?
  3. Which features would you want to use?
  4. Will cellphones ever replace computers?

In groups, have students write commercials for their current phones. What features would they highlight? What kind of words would they use? It does not have to be a good commercial. They can make it funny, annoying, boring, anything they want!

Post Lesson

Have one student or the whole group perform the commercial for the rest of the class. While they other students are listening have them answer the following questions for each group’s ad!

  1. Would you want to buy this cellphone? Why or why not?
  2. Was this a good commercial or a bad commercial? Why?

Have students share their answers at the end of each group.

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