Here’s another video based lesson!


Brainstorm- Write the words Immortal and mortal on the board. Have students come to the board and write words or phrases that they think of seeing these words.

During Lesson

Watch- Have students watch the video. If it’s a lower level class you can play the video with the subtitles or stop the video at one minute marks and check for understanding.


  1. Have students break into small groups and discuss the following questions.
    • What does the quote “Beauty is a curse” mean? Do you agree or disagree and why?
    • What are some words you would use to describe Psyche? Cupid? Venus?
    • Do you think Psyche is a strong character? Why or why not?
    • After watching the video what do you think the words Immortal and mortal mean?
  2. Writing- Have students write a short response based on this question: Greek myths often have morals, or a lesson that you learn from the story. What do you think the moral of this myth is?

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