Sharing opinions can be an excellent way to stimulate discussion and have students practice their fluency. However, discussions should have a grammar or learning focus to students can practice a particular skill.

Below are discussion topics with vocabulary words. To begin the lesson, introduce and define each vocabulary word or phrase. Then, present the discussion topic. Give students about one minute to prepare an argument using the vocabulary words. Then, you can have debate. This way, students can practice using the vocabulary word, phrase, idiom, or phrasal verb in their own way!

1.Topic: Junk Food Ban- There has been a bill to prohibit the sale of junk food in middle schools. Do you think that’s fair?

Vocabulary-alternative, junk food, crack down on, restrict

2. Topic: Teaching Art in Schools- Should art be taught in schools? Is this an important subject for students to be learning in schools?

Vocabulary- budget, in large part, volunteer, step in

3. Topic: Breaking Out- Do you think animals should be used for medical research? Do you think humans should have wild animals as pets?

Vocabulary- aggressive, surgery, confine, watch out


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