Many advanced students struggle with writing resumes and cover letters. With this practice students can understand the formal language and key words often used in cover letters. This is a great practical lesson for students in writing, formal language, and work culture!

Read the following cover letter as an example or find your own example! Then, answer the questions that follow. Post your answers below!


  1. What did the author do to make this Cover Letter, look like a letter?

Example: Did they include addresses, greetings, sincerely?

  1. Write the positive language the author used.


  1. What did the author say about their past work experience?


  1. What skills, that the author has, will be helpful in this new job?


  1. What research has the author done about this new job/company?


  1. What polite language did the author use?


  1. What personal information did the author provide?

For example, did they provide an e-mail address? Phone number?

  1. What grammar tenses did the author use? Do you think those were the right tenses to use?


  1. What did you like best about this cover letter?


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