Prepositions are a tricky but important part of the English language. There are many rules, and even more exceptions to those rules, to using prepositions. One of the best ways to learn how to use prepositions correctly is to practice!

Fill in the correct prepositions and post your answers below!

We took a morning bus ________________ Arusha, and after checking _______________ a very simple hotel, started our search for a safari company. We went to Sunny Safaris, but nothing seems to be going soon. Next, we went to Cheetah Safaris. They have a safari going ________________ Tuesday. It sounds like a good deal $65 a day; we didn’t want to search forever, so we chose them. While walking around town this afternoon, we met Joan and Per from Lamu. They introduced us ______________ Senara who will be taking the Safari _________________  us tomorrow. Later, we had dinner ____________ a less than exciting restaurant.


**Tip for Teachers: If you are using this practice in a classroom, have students first fill in the blanks on their own. Next, have students compare answers with a partner. Then, review only the blanks that students are confused about. Reading each answer can be boring!

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