Shah Rukh Khan may just be the biggest star in all of India. I grew up watching his movies. His TED Talk is funny, inspiring, and full of wisdom.

Listen to the TED Talk and answer the questions as you listen. After, post your answers to the discussion questions below!

STOP at 1 minute, 22 seconds

  1. What does Khan do?
  2. What does “peddle love” mean?

STOP at 3:08

  1. “I lost both my parents, which I must admit seems a bit careless of me now,” why is this line so funny?
  2. Why is the story Khan tells about the night his father died funny?

STOP at 5:16

  1. Why does Khan use the examples of Apple and migration?
  2. What happened in Khan’s late 20’s, when he moved to Mumbai?

STOP at 6:10

  1. How does Khan feel at this point in his life?

STOP at 7:44

  1. How did the internet change Khan’s life?
  2. What fake  story came out about Khan’s son?

STOP at 9:15

  1. What is a prima donna? Why did Khan feel like one?

STOP at 11:07

  1. Describe Khan’s experience with Twitter.
  2. What does Khan think about the present?

STOP at 13:01

  1. What has Khan learned?

STOP at 13:19

  1. What does the future YOU have to do?

STOP at 16:14

  1. How does Khan use positives and negatives to talk about life?


  1. What should the future you be?


  1. Did you enjoy this TED Talk?
  2. Do you think Khan is a good speaker?
  3. Do you agree with his message?
  4. Do you want to watch one of  his movies now?
  5. Will this change how you live your life?


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